Schoolbezoeken en presentaties

Hieronder vindt u wat informatie over de scholen die wij mogen bezoeken op donderdag en vrijdag. Voor uitgebreide informatie kunt u rechts in de lichtblauwe kolom doorklikken naar de websites van de scholen. Op de BETT zullen Prowise en Google speciaal voor onze groep presentaties verzorgen. De bezoeken en presentaties zijn voor alle deelnemers.

Klik op de knop 'Formulier voorkeuren 2019' bovenaan de lichtblauwe kolom om uw voorkeuren aan te geven.

Greenford High School

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdagochtend (samen met London CLC of BETT in de middag).

Deze school zit sinds 2018 in een nieuw gebouw. Het is een Community school waar zowel Practical als Vocational education wordt gegeven en waar men gebruikmaakt van e-learning. Ook hebben zij een lab/makerspace. De directeur van deze school heeft specifiek aangegeven dat het handig is om een kijkje te nemen op hun website zodat je als bezoeker een beetje weet wat je kunt verwachten.

Learning to succeed is what Greenford High School is about: we teach everything from Psychology to Japanese, Photography to German, Economics to Physics, Media to Business, Computing to Sociology. 

There are many other things I should briefly mention: our new i-Block for Year 7, which opened in September 2018; our great facilities; extensive ICT resources; one of the biggest Post 16 centres in London; superb sports facilities and a great PE department etc. However, what makes Greenford High School special is not the buildings or facilities but our desire to keep on improving. The positive relationship between students, staff and parents is what we are most proud of.


Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdagochtend (samen met London CLC of BETT in de middag).

We are one of the first schools in the country to offer Computer Science as a truly comprehensive subject. We offer all students at EWS five years to learn how computers and networks work, and how to code their own programs. We work directly with hardware manufacturers to provide bespoke activities using robots in lessons, and are excited to use the new BBC Micro:bit.

In Design and Technology we encourage pupils to combine creative thinking with practical and technological skills to design and make products or systems that meet human needs.

Pupils develop a variety of skills and techniques such as product analysis, information and presentation drawing, computer aided design, (CAD) the use of modelling tools and machines, and computer aided manufacture, (CAM).

At EWS we have well equipped specialist rooms for teaching Food Technology, Product Design, Graphics and Textiles. We have laser cutting technology in the department for all year groups to use to help realise their designs.


Dunraven School

Deze school bezoeken wij op vrijdagochtend.

Op deze school wordt getracht een doorlopende leerlijn PO-VO te realiseren. Het bezoek aan deze school bevat daardoor een bezoek aan zowel het PO als het VO. Daarnaast is het interessant om te zien hoe Google Suite door de hele school heen wordt gebruikt.

Primary School
The Primary team is excited to introduce a class blog for each teaching group. This is an exciting opportunity for our students and teachers alike to share what happens in class.
One of the main goals of the blog is to increase the school/home connection by providing families with a window into the class’ activities. The blog also opens the class to an audience of peers from around the world who have similar blogs. This provides students with a sense of authenticity for their reading and writing.

Secondary School
Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. Using creativity and imagination, students design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. They acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art. Students learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens. Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology, they develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world.



London Connected Learning Centre (London CLC)

Het London CLC bezoeken wij op donderdagmiddag (na een bezoek aan Hitherfield, Streatham, Hill Mead, Cranmer, Greenford Ellen Wilkinson en Heber*)

Het CLC is een trainings- en ondersteuninginstituut voor het onderwijs. In hun centrum worden leraren opgeleid in 21st century skills, maar er worden ook klassen met schoolkinderen ontvangen. Het Londense CLC is ook partner in het #Co-Think programma. Zelf omschrijven ze zich als volgt:

The London CLC team is made up of expert teachers, computing and multimedia specialists, trainers, technicians, filmmakers, designers and family learning tutors. We won the 2015 NAACE Impact Award for Technical Support, the 2014 NAACE Impact Award for Curriculum Support Services and the Association of Learning Technologist Team of the Year award in 2012. The Centre is part of the Computing for Schools Network of Excellence for the teaching of computer science and is part of the LGFL recognised Support Framework.



Streatham Primary School - VOL

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdag én vrijdagochtend (op do. samen met Telferscot in de middag). -

Streatham Wells Primary School is een school in Streatham, Zuidwest-Londen. Ze behoren tot de top 30 procent van alle basisscholen in Lambeth. Ze zijn trots op hun vriendelijke, intieme sfeer; de meeste ouders kennen elkaar en kinderen uit alle klassen hebben de mogelijkheid om samen te spelen.
Our ICT programme of study is divided into four main themes:
• Finding things out
• Developing ideas and making things happen
• Exchanging and sharing information
• Reviewing, modifying and evaluating work as it progresses.
These strands should be combined so that breadth and balance is achieved.



Telferscot Primary School

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdagmiddag én vrijdagochtend (op do. samen met Streatham in de ochtend).

Telferscot Primary School is a London Borough of Lambeth County Primary School for children from 3 to 11 years old. We have been a school on this site for over 100 years of learning!
Tucked away in between Balham and Streatham we will always be a small school with a real sense of community.  Everyone is welcome and we pride ourselves on having developed a school with a 'village feel' in urban London. We are like a hidden gem – once you find us you will not want to leave!

Computing at Telferscot
Our Computing Curriculum goes beyond the basic requirements of the National Curriculum. We aim to teach the children computational skills that can be applied to all curriculum areas in innovative, creative and relevant ways.



London Fields Primary School

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdagochtend (samen met Brook House in de middag).

Prestaties, vooruitgang, uitdaging, inspiratie en plezier vormen de kern van alles wat gedaan wordt op deze school. Het bieden van de allerbeste scholing om ervoor te zorgen dat elk kind zijn maximale potentieel bereikt en een blijvende liefde ontwikkelt voor leren en een gevoel van nieuwsgierigheid in de wereld om hen heen staat hoog in het vaandel.

De school zelf hierover:

The quality of the curriculum is outstanding. It gives pupils memorable experiences and builds upon their interests and aspirations. The excellent displays around the school not only celebrate the high-quality work which pupils produce but also the range and depth of subjects that they learn about. The curriculum meets the needs of the current National Curriculum very well. Clear and extensive information on the website ensures that parents and carers are kept very well informed about what their children are learning. (Ofsted, February 2015)

We are very proud of our curriculum which has been developed by subject specialists and been nationally recognised through various awards.

Computing at London Fields

At London Fields, we follow the New National Curriculum for Computing, delivering a high-quality computing education to create active participants in a digital world. Informed by developments in ICT and best practice nationally,  we teach pupils to use their computational and creative thinking to solve problems; to use ICT to communicate effectively and to become digitally literate, preparing them for their future place in the twenty-first-century workplace. 



Brook House Primary School

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdagmiddag (samen met London Fields in de ochtend).

Deze school zit in de Lion Academy Trust. De scholen in deze Trust werken samen met strategische partners zoals Google en Samsung.

At Brook House Primary School we believe that all children and students have a right to have an excellent education in order to give them the best life chances irrespective of race, colour, creed or circumstance. We are an inclusive, caring school where every child matters. We recognise that all children have talents and abilities to celebrate, and part of our role is to help children to discover these.

Although we work within the organisation of an Academy Trust, Brook House Primary School will always be a ‘community’ school. We aim to work closely with our parents, other schools and organisations, building partnerships that benefit not only our children but others in the wider community, both on a local, national and global level.



Oakington Manor Primary School

Deze school bezoeken wij donderdag de hele dag.

Oakington Manor is sinds april 2016 een academie geworden en maakt nu deel uit van Excellence in Education, samen met de federatieve Furness Primary School.

Het Curriculum dat wordt aangeboden is gebaseerd op de overeengekomen doelen van de school en het bieden van goed onderwijs met de nadruk op hoge normen voor werk, prestatie en gedrag.

Van de website van de school:

Oakington Manor is a large exciting 3 form Primary School with 730 pupils. We are located in Wembley, very close to the fabulous Wembley Stadium, home of the Football Association.

Extended Day
The Extended Day provision at Oakington provides a safe and caring environment for busy parents to leave their children. The After School Club is available till 6 p.m. and children participate in a variety of activities and enjoy a healthy meal. We offer a Breakfast Club which operates from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and provides a hot nourishing breakfast.

Pupils at Oakington Manor are encouraged to develop their ICT and Computing skills through age appropriate activities which include using:
- iPads, tablets, laptops and desktops for research, creative writing (including book publishing)and game creation;
- Cameras and camcorders for creative filmmaking and learning the basics of photography;
- Beebots, Remote control toys, Ozobots, Makey Makeys, Lego Wedo and Nao Robots to create, challenge, problem solve, low to high level coding and robotics activities. This is further encouraged through opportunities for pupils to become a ‘Coding Champion’, a ‘Media Team member’ or a Digital Leader in our weekly run ICT and Coding Club.
- Videos, age appropriate stories and activities to teach children about the importance of keeping safe online.
- Pupils and Staff are e-confident!



Columbia Primary School

Deze school bezoeken wij donderdag de hele dag.

Columbia Primary School ligt in een multiculturele wijk en voor de meeste leerlingen is Engels niet hun moedertaal. Dit leidt tot o.a. een nadruk op creativiteit en de school doet een beroep op het probleemoplossend vermogen van de leerlingen. De school omschrijft dit als volgt:

Creativity and Thinking Skills

We aim to make teaching and learning creative, active and engaging and we do this by putting a high emphasis on: talking and thinking together, questioning, making connections, exploring possibilities and experimenting with new ideas, solving problems and looking for news olutions and possibilities. We greatly value the creative arts and use them throughout our curriculum for their own intrinsic worth and to access other areas of learning through the arts. We are proud to be an Artsmark Gold school and a Creative Partnership’s 'School of Creativity,' one of only sixty such schools in the UK.



Eastfield Primary School

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdag de hele dag.

Eigen verantwoordelijkheid voor het leren staat hoog in het vaandel en leren wordt gestimuleerd door kinderen in een rijke leeromgeving uit te dagen waarbij ook gebruik wordt gemaakt van ICT. De Head teacher is tevens Apple teacher.
Zelf omschrijven ze het als volgt:
Eastfield Primary School is a very dynamic place to learn. Our ambition is to provide the best possible primary education in stimulating and creative environments. We want to develop a passion for learning, inspired by high-quality teaching, developing and building upon individual strengths and talents. We very much value children as leaders of themselves, others and valuable contributors to the local community.
We are an inclusive school. We expect all children to reach age-related levels, in line with national expectations, as a minimum, and we aim to ensure that the barriers to learning are removed, so that every pupil in all of our school reach their full potential.

Learning is central to everything at Eastfield. Our values based curriculum motivates the children to ask questions, see connections between things and enables the children be self reflective about the world around them.


Hitherfield Primary School - VOL

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdagochtend (op do. samen met London CLC in de middag*). Op vrijdagochtend bezoeken de deelnemers aan het Erasmus+ project samen met Paul Veringa de school ook nog. 

Hitherfield Primary School is de Londense partnerschool in het #Co-think project. Naast alles wat de school doet aan computational thinking kunnen zij ook uit eigen ervaring vertellen over de mooie kanten van een internationale samenwerking. Over hun eigen school zeggen zij:

Our pupils make outstanding progress academically, physically and socially, consistently above national progress averages. We are a ‘Lead Food Flagship School for Lambeth’ and share our food growing and healthy lifestyle expertise with other schools. We have won many awards and recognition including the Inclusion Quality and Arts Marks, and our pupils have won local and national competitions: the London-wide Robo-Challenge; local Athletics Championships; local football leagues, as well as being finalists in the national Microsoft Kodu cup for digital game design.

Computing at Hitherfield
The children at Hitherfield regularly interact with a range of contemporary software and hardware to prepare themselves for a future where computing and ICT skills will be increasingly in demand. They are digitally literate and make use of a range of transferable skills when solving problems and facing new challenges.



Hill Mead Primary School

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdag én vrijdagochtend (op do. samen met London CLC in de middag*).

From Head teacher Richard West:
In July 2015, Ofsted rated Hill Mead outstanding in all areas!
There are different ways to be an outstanding school and it is not easy to sustain. These are ours:
• Pupils’ show exceptional attitudes to learning
• Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary
• The school’s curriculum is rich & exciting
• Pupils make substantial & sustained progress

We have achieved these things because:
• We don’t use extrinsic rewards or consequences such as stickers or behaviour charts.
• All our curriculum is freshly designed by our teachers each term – and we never use commercial schemes.
• We have an extra teacher in every year group of two classes.



Cranmer Primary School

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdagochtend (samen met London CLC in de middag*).

Deze school heeft een nauwe samenwerking met London Connected Learning Centre dat u in de middag bezoekt. Over zichzelf schrijven ze:
At Cranmer we have clear values of respect, trust and resilience. These values permeate our school.

Future citizens will require not only good academic qualifications but the ability to problem- solve, collaborate with others, and be creative. At Cranmer we ensure that our pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that enables them to become independent learners. We also teach ‘philosophy for children’ from Nursery to Year 6. This enquiry based learning allows our young people to develop and explore ideas. We are passionate about providing a curriculum that will provide our pupils with the academic rigour and skills for secondary school and beyond.



Heber Primary School - VOL

Deze school bezoeken wij op donderdagochtend (samen met London CLC in de middag*).

Deze school richt zich op de drie kernwaarden bedachtzaamheid, veerkracht en verantwoordelijkheid. Offsted, de Britse onderwijsinspectie heeft de school de status “outstanding” verleend voor de prestaties die de school bereikt heeft op het gebied van persoonlijke ontwikkeling en welbevinden van de leerlingen. Zelf zegt de school hier dit over:
We consider ourselves a family. We foster strong relationships between pupils and staff and our children create long-lasting relationships with their peers.
We are extremely proud of the varied and meaningful learning opportunities that we provide across the curriculum and as extra-curricular activities. Our pupils have opportunities to learn through a wide range of educational visits, experiences and events, including residential trips. We teach an immersive and engaging topic based curriculum and provide lots of opportunities for active learning. Our staff have a shared drive to constantly review, improve and enrich our curriculum to ensure learning is relevant and exciting for all pupils. 


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Presentaties bedrijven


Op donderdag (14.00-15.00 uur) én op vrijdag (12.00-14.00 uur incl. lunch) kunt u op de Bett naar een sessie van Prowise die gehouden zal worden in een aparte ruimte speciaal voor onze groep.
In het formulier kunt u aangeven of u wilt deelnemen en naar welke tijd uw voorkeur uitgaat.
Prowise levert een totaaloplossing voor het onderwijs bestaande uit touchpanels, liften, tablets, online bordonafhankelijke software Prowise Presenter.
Tijdens de sessie kunt u kennismaken met de nieuwste ontwikkelingen, maar zal ook worden stilgestaan bij de doorontwikkeling van Prowise Presenter.
In het 2e deel van de sessie zal een masterclass worden gegeven die de link legt naar het gebruik ervan in de onderwijspraktijk.



Op vrijdag (13.00-14.00 uur) kunt u op de BETT naar een sessie van Google die gehouden zal worden in een aparte ruimte speciaal voor onze groep. Hier maakt u kennis met de verschillende programma’s die Google heeft ontwikkeld en die interessant zijn voor scholen.